How Revry Created the First Streaming Network for the Global LGBTQ Community

How Revry Created the First Streaming Network for the Global LGBTQ Community

Listening to a transgender music artist or watching a movie with gay or lesbian actors and actresses may not seem out of the ordinary. But for some, who live in regions where their sexuality is unwelcome or even illegal, finding this content is impossible. This is unacceptable to the people at Revry. They are resolute in ending this kind of isolation as they empower community and inclusion--all with the power of video.

As the first global streaming network focused on the LGBTQ community, Revry has a presence in over 130 countries with a reach of over 250 million homes and devices. The message of Revry, expressed through its multiple video platforms, will continue to engage and inspire the LGBTQ community across the globe.


“Creating a space for true belonging has always been a core mission of Revry, given the makeup of our women-led, majority queer and personof-color founding team,” said Damian Pelliccione, CEO and Co-Founder of Revry. “We know that representation saves lives, but what’s the good if the people who need to see themselves on screen don’t have access?”

To achieve the kind of scale that has never been seen with the LGBTQ community, Revry turned to Brightcove Beacon™. With a need to reach a global audience on all screens, all devices and all platforms, Brightcove Beacon made it possible for Revry to embrace a unique model of distribution known as the “tribrid” model.


With Brightcove Beacon, Revry is able to expand its reach with a “tribrid” distribution model, offering content through ad video-on-demand (AVOD), subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and ad-supported live TV. In addition to this model giving audiences options while supplying a premium viewing experience, it also maximizes monetization opportunities for the network.


As Revry has pursued access to more live TV content, it’s found a perfect match with Brightcove Beacon’s live streaming features. These allow Revry to curate to its audiences in real-time through multiple live channels, resulting in a reliable and personalized TV experience. And because video is such a powerful way to communicate, Revry knows that live TV will engage more authentically with its audience as it continues to inspire them. “When I first saw the Brightcove Beacon demo, something just clicked. Here was our opportunity to create the platform we always dreamed of,” said CEO Pellicccione. “The most exciting feature was the “Live” section of the Brightcove Beacon product. I had never seen any solution that had a fully customizable electronic program guide. Brightcove Beacon has the ability to create an environment that could host multiple live TV channels all in one application. Think a mini Pluto or Xumo TV.”

revery screenshot


As it continues the bold mission to represent the global LGBTQ audience, Revry will push the limits of video with its capabilities to be a powerful yet intimate storyteller. Together with Brightcove, the social impact of Revry will be felt by more people in more places in more ways.

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