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Monetize without compromise.
With Brightcove Ad Monetization.

Brightcove Ad Monetization is our monetization service for media companies who want to generate more revenue with their advertising strategy. Using the latest yield optimization tools, we support both live and VOD monetization through strategic integrations, unmatched industry expertise, and unique insights based on a tight data integration.

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Earn more money

Brightcove integrates with Magnite’s SpringServe ad server to give publishers more control, insight, and transparency into the available ad supply, so you can earn more revenue. And our partners (such as the Magnite sell-side platform) will fill any unsold ad inventory to increase revenue for any Brightcove Media Studio customer.

  • Gain flexibility across monetization models and grow your AVOD capabilities
  • Monetize every content format, including VOD, live, and FAST
  • Get a premium curated platform experience for advertising that can package multiple publishers using our player into one aggregated group to support more impactful ad delivery

Want this information in one place? Download the Brightcove Ad Monetization datasheet.

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Industry expertise that’s second to none

Our industry expertise is unmatched. With their deep understanding of the ins and outs of ad monetization, the Brightcove Ad Operations team will optimize your overall ad stack and strategy.

  • Ad Ops experts will consult directly with you on optimizing your ad strategy to squeeze the most out of your content
  • The Ad Ops team will diligently guide your ad tag set-up, assist with ongoing reporting, and troubleshoot as necessary

Wait, you want to know even more? Okay! Read our Brightcove Ad Monetization blog.

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Easy from start to finish

The Brightcove Ad Ops team doesn’t just make ad monetization efficient and effective; they make it easy for you, too. We’re with you every step of the way, from onboarding to the implementation and refinement of your ad strategy, to help your business grow.

  • We manage the entire experience from end to end
  • Our Ad Ops team will get you onboarded quickly and guide you through the steps to get started
  • We’ll go directly into your ad servers to do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to

Read our Brightcove Ad Monetization support documentation.

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Integrate seamlessly — and effortlessly

Keep using the tools you’re already using — our solution will only strengthen your tech stack, not disrupt it.

  • We support Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, and other independent ad servers
  • When you don't fill ads with direct inventory, you can fall back on Brightcove Ad Monetization and we can take your unsold inventory to market

And if you want a better way for your entire team to manage, distribute, and measure the performance of your streaming content, look no further than Brightcove Media Studio.

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Visualize Ad Intensity and Audience Impacts

Media organizations that leverage advertising need analytics to support advertiser value and understand the impacts of ad policy decisions on audience engagement. Brightcove Ad Insights pulls together the most critical ad performance and audience impact details and presents them with intuitive, easily digested reports that enable media organizations the insights necessary to continuously and iteratively optimize their advertising strategy. Ad Insights measures:

  • Ad Tolerance: Focuses on how the frequency, placement and duration of ad breaks impacts viewer engagement across devices, regions, content and other dimensions
  • Interest Phase: Identify where within the content a viewer is most likely to disengage when ads are trafficked
  • Attention Index: Measure the effective monetization rate and audience attention index across different genres, content durations and other relevant dimensions

Learn more about growing ad revenue without sacrificing user engagement.

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Is this service right for you?

Brightcove Ad Monetization is ideal for customers who are just starting out with ad monetization as well as those who are in the process of building out a more mature strategy. Our Ad Ops team provides a complete managed service that includes Brightcove players, SSAI service and/or CSAI, and SpringServe capabilities. We work with:

  • Customers looking to move their entire inventory over to Brightcove
  • Customers who have chosen an ad network but who want to increase their ad revenue by giving their unsold inventory to us

Reach out to our team today.

"We are excited to work with Brightcove to build a strong monetization strategy. The team's expert consultation and ability to work directly with our ad ops team is very helpful to get the most out of our digital video inventory. We're looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow our business with this service and how it can positively impact our revenue."

Tom Quirk
Digital Advertising Operations Specialist
Cricket Australia



  • Brightcove has integrated with Magnite's SpringServe ad server to provide publishers with greater control, insight and transparency into available ad supply. Marketplace partners (e.g. Magnite's Sell Side Platform) may fill any unsold ad inventory to increase revenue for Media Studio customers.

  • Brightcove Ad Monetization gives you an opportunity to more effectively deliver impressions and revenue. You also get access to industry-leading experts who guide you through each step of the process and help you optimize the solution.

  • Brightcove is focused on customers who are willing to move their entire or unsold inventories over to Brightcove. Brightcove's Ad Ops team provides a managed service, leveraging Brightcove players, SSAI and/or CSAI service and SpringServe capabilities.

  • If you're just getting started, this is an opportunity to earn advertising revenue with the support of industry experts as you begin your AVOD journey.

    If you've been doing it for a while, this is another monetization channel, allowing you to fill unsold inventory on Brightcove properties and earn additional advertising revenue.

  • Brightcove media customers with VOD, Live or Beacon functionality with SSAI and/or CSAI enabled may qualify for Brightcove Ad Monetization.

  • You reach out to your account team to start the onboarding process. You have to fill out an ad inventory questionnaire which Brightcove's marketplace partners use to vet your account. If approved, a dedicated account team completes the onboarding process, including entering into an additional services order form between you and Brightcove.

  • Brightcove Ad Monetization works where advertising is enabled: VOD, Live, Brightcove Players, Beacon Apps, Accedo apps and most third party players and apps.

  • Brightcove will retain a percentage of each sale of Ad Inventory through Brightcove Ad Monetization and remit the remainder to you (net applicable third party fees).

  • If you do not have an existing advertising stack: yes, you need to use SpringServe until Brightcove adds more ad partners. For clients with an existing ad stack: SpringServe is preferred but not required (if you already have a preferred ad server relationship).

  • Brightcove delivers a mix of transaction types including, but not limited to, Private Marketplace, Programmatic Guaranteed and Open Auction deals.

  • Great news: Brightcove can sync via SpringServe Routers with very little effort.

  • Brightcove works in tandem with your ongoing experience. The value in working with us is that Brightcove offers a premium platform monetization experience. Brightcove's robust network of Brightcove clients is aggregated in one ad network ecosystem provides more opportunities for ad placement and offers a more premium look. Brightcove Ad Monetization is not just any other service.

  • No, this is a managed service provided by Brightcove.

  • Once you are onboarded, you can expect to start seeing results in approximately 90 days. This will be about enough time for marketplaces to see inventory patterns.

  • There is a unique order form for Brightcove Ad Monetization. This is non-guaranteed service and can be deactivated at any time. This service will be co-termed with your existing Order form.

  • Results depend on the region (U.S. vs Australia vs Japan are all different). Brightcove can provide more details once your sites and regional needs are understood.

    There is a 90-day sales cycle in advertising, so it takes at least a full quarter for the machines/programmatic marketplaces to understand inventory and deliver against it.

  • Yes, you need a Brightcove Account and Player since we are only monetizing on Brightcove properties for this service.

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