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Engage and unite your audiences around the globe.

Brightcove Communications Studio is the one internal comms solution that combines the world’s most trusted streaming technology with the interactivity and security your organization needs.

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Reliable, easy to use, and a perfect fit with your tech stack.

When you’re incorporating video into your communications strategy, you want your solution to be easy to use, reliable, and flexible. That's why Brightcove Communications Studio is built on our Video Cloud streaming platform. Trusted by leading companies and brands, Video Cloud ensures a fast, easy set up, and its intuitive interface makes using it a breeze — gone are the days of being on a first-name basis with the IT helpdesk. And the APIs and integrations in the Brightcove Marketplace will let it slide right into your tech stack and get to work. So you can focus on your comms programs, and let Brightcove Communications Studio focus on delivering your messages to audiences around the world.

  • Give audiences a more contemporary experience that’s like their favorite streaming platform
  • Connect with viewers on their terms with video that’s optimized for all devices, including mobile
  • Automatically source content from your teams through Google Drive and Dropbox integrations for easy management and publication of user-generated content (UGC)
  • Communicate with the confidence that comes from thorough team-wide onboarding and support

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Security features that keep your content well protected.

We know that with internal communications, who can’t see your content is just as important as who can. So Brightcove Communications Studio is built to give you strict control over who you grant access to, with powerful tools to keep prying eyes out. We host customer data in a multi-tenant environment for secure sharing privileges, and we allow you to delegate administration tasks like the creation or deactivation of users via a limited “user admin” role. Stream sensitive information such as earnings calls or product launches with the confidence of knowing we take your security as seriously as you do.

  • Protocols include IP restriction, URL tokenization, SSO, AES encryption, DRM, and more
  • The creation of and adherence to security policies, processes, and standards is overseen by the Brightcove Information Security team
  • Security certifications are provided through Digital Production Partnership and Privacy Shield

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Interactive elements create deeper audience engagement.

For your communications to break through, your audience has to be engaged. Brightcove Communications Studio includes an array of attention-grabbing interactive features built natively into Video Cloud so you can turn passive viewers into active and involved ones. High-impact elements like quizzing and polling are easy to add to your content, and functions like branching boost personalization. Interactivity for both live and on-demand also gives you a window into which content is resonating with your audience; you can use that insight to inform your comms, compliance, and training programs and make them more impactful.

  • Engage trainees and new hires with polls, quizzes, and chapters
  • Create more direct CTAs via overlays
  • Track analytics to determine engagement
  • Assess compliance needs and conversion metrics

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Consistent messages make collaboration more productive.

Virtual events like town halls and all-hands meetings do more than inform people; they allow them to feel connected no matter where they are, and sharing a consistent message across departments and regions when everyone is tuning in supports a culture of collaboration. Your workforce is more dispersed than ever today. Brightcove Communications Studio lets you keep everyone on the same page and reinforce your organization’s mission, values, and culture with consistent and engaging messages.

  • Present event info on landing pages before, during, and after your event
  • Pre-record an entire event and go live at a designated time with Simulive
  • Create clips of event content you want to share outside your organization and immediately post it to social channels
  • Smoothly switch between live and pre-recorded content with Cloud Playout

Ensure the right video content gets to the right audiences with secure streaming.

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