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Woman presenting information through a video live stream on a laptop with related materials on a smartphone

One platform to reach every employee.

Brightcove’s Enterprise Video Suite enables you to create strong connections with all your employees, no matter where they are or what time zone they’re in. Video-based internal comms are easy to implement and hard to beat for building teamwork and sharing your company’s culture. Announce new products and initiatives, welcome new employees, and train teams while boosting engagement and productivity—all with video.

Enterprise Video Suite gives you:

  • Streaming so reliable you don’t need to worry about crashing, freezing, or glitching as your audience grows
  • Layers of security to ensure the only people who see your video are the ones you want to see your video
  • Insights into who’s watching what that can inform future content decisions
  • More time back in your day with a content management system that’s flexible and easy to use

Create internal comms that actually, well, comm.

Find out how in “Bringing the Power of Video to Internal Communications.”

Live video stream events on demand on a smartphone, tablet, and mobile device

Video is simply a better way to communicate.

Video not only makes corporate communications more personal, it’s also more effective at keeping teams aligned and engaged. In fact, people retain 95% of what they see in a video compared to 10% of what they read. (Think about that as you write your next company-wide email.)

Whether you’re looking to build a library of on-demand video content to connect with just your immediate team or your global company, the Brightcove platform delivers a great viewing experience every time. With industry-leading uptime and minimal strain on your network, Brightcove delivers your videos to every employee’s preferred device with uncompromised quality.

Video turns dispersed employees into a cohesive team.

See how Akamai uses digital events to connect their global workforce.

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We're as serious about your security as you are.

When you share internal information, you need to be absolutely certain that the people you want to see it are the only ones who can. No worries—the Brightcove platform provides rigorous security features like IP restriction, URL tokenization, single sign-on (SSO), and more to ensure your videos reach the right people… and only the right people.

So much is riding on the security of your video. Security is more than a feature of our video platform. It’s built into everything we do. Read the article.

Brightcove video analytics dashboard information on a computer screen

Don't wonder how engaged your employees are. With analytics, you’ll know.

Video is a powerful way to grab employees’ attention and encourage their engagement with your organization’s vision, culture, and knowledge centers—in fact, according to TechSmith, “48% of all employees consider video the most engaging form of communication.” And you can make it even more effective with data that tells you:

  • Who’s viewing which videos
  • How long they watched
  • The total number of views of every video
  • Who responded to the calls to action

No matter what your KPIs are, our platform’s analytics will help you refine your communications to create maximum business value.

Are you learning everything you can from your video analytics?

This informative video will make you a video datameister.

Everything you need to take employee engagement to a whole new level.

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