Forrester TEI™ Study Puts Brightcove ROI at 226%

Brightcove Forrester TEI Media Organization Study on a tablet

The Forrester TEI Study shows how Brightcove can help you save money, save time, and grow your audience.

Good news for media organizations looking to do more in less time and with less money – the Brightcove video platform can help you:

  • Generate 226% ROI over three years
  • Spend 83% less time managing video platforms and content
  • Spend 80% less time migrating existing video content
  • See 15% to 25% audience growth
  • Avoid 75% of service-level compliance violations

It’s all in the Forrester TEI Report, a study we commissioned from Forrester Consulting to look at the potential return on investment companies can realize from using Brightcove. Read it and see the impact the Brightcove platform could have on your organization.

Download the Study

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