Whatever you make, video manufactures interest and engagement.

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In a world growing farther apart, video brings us together. Manufacturers are quickly coming to appreciate the power of video to keep employees engaged and convert prospects into customers. Streaming creates connections and highlights the value of your products, and there’s no better way to keep your workforce well trained and on the same page.

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A better way to drive new business.

Video is easier to create and less costly to use than it’s ever been. In fact, most businesses today have at least some video to work with—the key is to use it strategically to build awareness, create demand, and generate leads. Whether you create video in-house or partner with an agency or production company, you need a solution to manage, distribute, and track your content efficiently and effectively.

Thinking of investing in a video marketing platform? Here are some ROI drivers you should consider.

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Showcase your products, your process, and your people.

How do you tell people about the things that make your company different—that make it special? You show them with video. It’s the best way to present the value of what you do to all your audiences, both internal and external. Other formats explain, but video persuades. It is ideal for promoting your products, your brand, and your people in a way that drives engagement, builds trust, and generates sales.

Get insights from business leaders in the MIT Sloan Management Review guide Connecting With Customers in the Age of Acceleration.

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An engaged employee is more likely to stay your employee.

If you want to attract and retain top talent, video works as hard as they do. Studies show that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave, but in the age of remote and distributed workers, a company newsletter just won’t cut it. For recruiting, onboarding, training, and keeping your teams informed and motivated, video is the way to go.

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