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The Standard for Reliability

We deliver 818 million views a week. Reliably. Securely. Globally.

Audiences today have a mind-boggling variety of choices when it comes to video, which is great…as long as you’re delivering a flawless experience that keeps them immersed, engaged, and viewing your content. Fortunately, there’s a company that has won, not one, but two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for our patented video technology–a company that organizations like SXSW rely on when everything has to work flawlessly. (That would be us.)

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Scale Effortlessly – And Endlessly

Your audience is in the millions - that’s a good thing, right?

Live video events are such a powerful way to build your brand and sell your products. But as your audience numbers climb, are you celebrating…or gripping the edge of your chair? If you’re a Brightcove customer, it’s high fives all around, because our platform scales effortlessly to deliver every beautiful, high-res frame without crashing or freezing, even if your audience is in the millions. An example? When people were at home during the pandemic, MasterClass got a crash course in scaling. (Although maybe we should call it a no-crash course.)

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Security You Can Always Count On

Who can’t watch your video is as important as who can.

You’re announcing a game-changing new product at your global town hall. You want to share the exciting news with every one of your employees…and absolutely no one else. No worries – and we mean that quite literally. With domain and IP restrictions, geo-restrictions, digital rights management (DRM), GDPR compliance, and DPP certification, we build a wall around your precious content. Then surround it by a moat. Then release a guard dog.

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Intelligence You Can Use

Viewer data tells you what’s working, so you can do more of it.

When viewers watch your video, you learn something about them, and you learn something about your content – and you can use both kinds of intelligence to drive results. For each viewer, what they watch can reveal their pain points and what they’re interested in, and that can make following up with them more effective. For your content, you can see what people are gravitating towards and how much of it they’re watching, and that can inform future content development. With video, you don’t have to guess what’s working…because you’ll know.

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Industry-Leading (Industry-Founding, Actually) Experience

We don’t just work in the video industry. In a very real sense, we helped to create it.

Brightcove was founded a decade and a half ago by video visionaries – people who saw the potential and the power of video and set about developing the technology to effectively stream it to the world. Over the years we have helped thousands of companies across sectors and industries to harness that power and drive results. Online retailers, professional sports leagues, educational institutions, arts organizations, streaming services, global enterprises – we’ve worked with them all and many others. And you can put all that experience to work for you.

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Innovation That Never Stops

We take problems that are impossible and work on them until they aren't.

Every day, we work to push the boundaries of what's possible with video. The history of human ingenuity proves that "impossible" is a temporary state. At Brightcove, innovation isn't just another buzzword; it's a way of viewing the world that constantly strives to come up with a better way of doing something… or a way to do it for the first time. Our destination is a world in which video is ubiquitous and effortless to create and consume. Innovation is how we'll get there.

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