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An interactive poll appears in a video playing on a tablet

Engage audiences on a deeper level

Interactive features turn viewers from passive watchers into active participants for deeper engagement and stronger connections. Our suite of customizable options makes it easy to add polls, quizzes, shopping carts, personalization, chapters, links, and more to your video. You’ll gain more conversions when you take your viewers from leaning back to leaning in.

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Brightcove video embed code feature on a dashboard on a laptop computer

Customize one video or thousands quickly and easily

You can add branded interactive features to your videos at scale in just a few clicks with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. With Brightcove Interactivity, it’s simple to make a big impact on your business — no IT skills required.

Learn more about video interactivity — here’s a great introduction.

An Interactive product shopping link in a live video on a tablet

Drive ROI

Supercharge your video strategies with features you can customize yourself. From simple calls-to-action and forms that boost lead generation to shoppable e-commerce videos and add-to-cart functionality, Brightcove Interactivity delivers more results and more ROI.

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Live music concert video stream playing on a tablet screen

Engage your live audiences, too

Brightcove Live Interactivity lets teams easily deliver interactive experiences to increase live audience engagement. Our solution features live chat to keep audiences connected throughout an event, mobile web-first interactive player overlays that can be styled to fit any brand, as well as an easy-to-manage console to add product information into a live stream in real time.

See what’s possible in real time — download our Live Interactivity datasheet.

Brightcove video data dashboard and information on a laptop computer screen

Always know what’s working

Interactivity lets you optimize campaigns with the most granular video data – every click is tracked, so you always know what’s working and what isn’t. This valuable data can be integrated with marketing automation and CRM platforms to provide insight into customer behaviors and purchase intent and to drive pipeline and results.

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Tiled image of the Brightcove interactive gallery’s video features.

Experience the power of interactivity

Explore our interactive HTML5 video gallery and see how you can use in-video chapters, links, CTAs, shopping carts, personalization, forms, quizzes, polls, templates, and other customizable video annotation types to boost your audience engagement.

See what’s possible — visit the Brightcove interactive gallery.

Features and benefits

Performance data icon

Interactivity analytics

Maximize your results by learning which interactive features produce the strongest response

Live video stream icon

Viewer sentiment

Understand what drives purchase behaviors by gathering feedback from audiences in real-time

Online engagement icon


Insert overlays that add context, information, and excitement and convert viewers into buyers

Survey icon

Polls and quizzes

Embed questions and record responses from every viewer

Form icon

Custom forms

Collect leads and schedule appointments in-video for an uninterrupted viewer experience

Content management icon


Link video content to create a “choose-your-own-adventure” experience

Video Playback Icon


Add a slide deck to live or recorded video presentations

Bookmark icon


Include chapter menus so viewers can navigate to specific topics of interest

Link icon


Add clickable URLs and hotspots

Template icon


Add annotations automatically at scale with tags

Audience icon


Customize viewer experiences with information from multiple sources

Shopping cart bag icon


Encourage in-video purchases with shoppable e-commerce experiences

Live Play icon


Increase connections with audiences through interactive elements built right into a live stream

Person viewing Aragon 2022 research information on a tablet

A leader in enterprise video

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video 2022 compared 14 video platforms and named Brightcove a leader for our product performance and strategy. To learn more about Brightcove along with your other enterprise video choices, check out the full report.

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