From cloud-based encoding to distribution across all devices and platforms, our end-to-end OTT streaming video platform makes it easy for you to engage audiences with beautiful viewing experiences.

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Monetization that’s right for your content.

Every content catalog has an ideal monetization model based on its ability to draw an audience. Media Studio has every option you need covered.

  • Advertising-based: linear channels, live events, and some VOD libraries can draw millions of viewers every month. Advertising, either client-side or with server-side ad insertion (SSAI), may be your best option to grow revenue.
  • Subscription-based: if you have passionate fans willing to subscribe to access your content, that may be your best model for maximizing audience lifetime value.
  • Hybrid: A combination of ads plus a low-cost subscription may be right for you, with registered users driving better ad CPMs, rentals, or purchases.

Brightcove Media Studio offers advantages for each revenue model and is especially effective for a hybrid or evolving monetization strategy. Download the Brightcove Media Studio datasheet.

Maximizing your revenue starts with having the right streaming platform. Learn more.

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Reach and engage the globe.

Reaching and retaining viewers around the world is increasingly competitive. Break through the noise and get the attention of your audience so you’ll not only strengthen your brand but enjoy more revenue opportunities as well.

  • Grow your audience by easily publishing promotional videos to key social networks and content descriptions to universal search engines
  • Curate programs and series for easy discovery through our extensive metadata management.
  • Leverage multilingual capabilities and captioning options for greater accessibility
  • Expand into new global regions, including the vast Chinese market with China Delivery
  • Engage audiences with sophisticated viewer experiences quickly and easily with Gallery
  • Gain deep visibility into when your audience is engaging and how your content is performing with Essential Insights
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Create efficient workflows for beautiful video

Transform your fragmented online video process into a smoothly running end-to-end, OTT streaming engine that powers your media business. And maximize audience value with flawless viewer experiences that work on all devices.

  • Keep up with ever-evolving audience expectations by publishing video quickly and efficiently across the broadest range of file formats and platforms
  • Tap into an extended suite of live event and linear channel streaming capabilities to reach new audiences in entirely new ways
  • Allow anyone anywhere to play your content on any device, including browser-based PC and mobile playback via Video Player 7 and native apps for smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs
  • Measure, monitor, and analyze how changes made to publishing workflows and playback environments impact the viewer experience with integrated 1st-party QoE analytics.
  • Reduce transcoding, storage, and delivery costs with our Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning context-aware encoding (CAE) and multi-codec switching in stream — the next evolution of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming
  • Get up and running quickly with ready-to-use APIs

Want to reach more viewers and generate more revenue? This white paper explains how.

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Built on Video Cloud, the world’s most trusted streaming platform

Let your teams focus on developing content and growing your audience, not worrying about tech. Securely and easily scale media operations on Brightcove’s proven and reliable Video Cloud platform. Brightcove offers you:

  • A relentless focus on innovation as evidenced by our Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning features and dozens of patents
  • Global scale to reach your audience, whatever the size — Video Cloud streams live events around the world that reach millions of concurrent viewers
  • The security to protect your content, streams, and experiences, with features that range from viewer authentication to stream encryption and DRM
  • 24/7 global support, with teams around the world that work in coordination to ensure nothing comes between your audience and your content
  • Easy integration, with APIs and extensive developer documentation to fold Video Cloud into your technology stack
  • The most reliable streaming system on the market today

Here are a few reasons why streaming platforms — and audiences — love Brightcove.

They’re some of the best media brands in the world. They’re also Brightcove customers.

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Take control of your content and go direct-to-consumer on your own platform.

Download Why Media Brands Need to Monetize Content Beyond YouTube

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